Silent Storm — Mission 17: The Calm Before the Silent Storm


And there’s our guy:


Down on the factory floor, we have a little chat with Sinitsyn.

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Silent Storm — Mission 16: In Which I Speak Too Soon


I’m beginning to worry that the rest of the game will be a cakewalk now that we’ve got panzerkleins. I mean, I don’t miss our squad members dying by the dozens, but we’re so powerful now that it’s not even fun anymore.

Although… this next mission doesn’t allow panzerkleins.


So that’s at least one more mission that might be a challenge.

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Silent Storm — Mission 15: Yep, They Make Swords For Panzerkleins




That settles it. If Thor’s Hammer can mass produce panzerkleins, we need to end their operation for good.

ss_portrait_doughatDon’t be hasty! I’d, um… very much like to see what else these suits can do.

ss_portrait_bogeyYeah, why head home when the six of us can basically win the war by ourselves?



That’s not our job. While the Allies and the Axis duke it out, Thor’s Hammer can grow unopposed. Whichever side wins the war, they won’t be able to stand up to the Hammer. This is not about the war. It’s about what happens afterward.

ss_portrait_bogeyYou’re right, I guess. But…

ss_portrait_doughatBut we’re a few blocks away from a German weapons factory…

ss_portrait_gatorSo… while we’re in the neighborhood…

ss_portrait_bogeyImagine how many things we could blow up!

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Silent Storm — Mission 13, Part 1: Plot Is Happening


ss_portrait_gatorWell, now we know where Koch’s rocket ship was made.

ss_portrait_viperTh’ engines, at least. Let’s get in there an’ shut ’em down.



While this new information is very interesting, we shouldn’t let it distract us from the matter at hand. The Germans are not running the show here, and it’s time to stop dragging our feet and investigate who is. This “Thor’s Hammer.”

ss_portrait_bogeyYou mean… go to Russia?



Yes. I understand you have a number of leads directing you to facilities in the Urals, and that you have known about these facilities since before I was a member of this team. But you haven’t set foot in Russia. Why?

ss_portrait_bogeyWell, it’s cold up there. And, uh, they aren’t overly fond of me back home…

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Silent Storm — Mission 12: Operation Title Drop


So between missions I fiddled around with the game’s journal a bit and discovered that you can sort clues by where they point to. Meaning from now on, we’ll probably have a little better idea why we’re going somewhere — since I can actually look back and see what intel led us there.

You might be saying, “Wow, it really took you this long to figure that out?” And the answer to that question is yes. Yes, it did.

But back to business…


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What’s Awesome, Doom?: Deneb Colony


Lainos won a Cacoward back in 2012 for his massive, atmospheric WAD, 5till L1 Complex. He’s back this year with a semi-sequel called Deneb Colony, a much smaller, more straightforward level that inherits almost nothing from its predecessor other than its visual style. That said, if you’re one of the many Doomers who loved 5till, there’s a good chance you’ll enjoy Deneb. If you didn’t, though, definitely don’t dismiss Lainos’ new work as more 5till. I was in the minority as someone who didn’t really care forĀ 5till, but Deneb Colony had me enthralled from beginning to end.


Doom has few well-realized urban settings, but this is one of them. Deneb has you exploring what seems like it might be the upscale business district of the Deneb colony: a large office building, a factory of some sort, and pedestrian walkways dotted with trees and small gardens — all of it gorgeous.

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