This is where we we talk, in-depth, about videogames. Not usually reviews or critiques, just my reactions and thoughts, big and small, about individual games, franchises, and even the changing landscape of gaming in general.

Burn the Witches!: Passing Judgment on Betrayer

Detailing what 2014’s indie open-world shooter Betrayer did, both gloriously right, but also bizarrely and hilariously wrong.

Not many people liked this game, and I totally admit that it’s really, really dumb, but here’s why I think it’s wonderful anyway.

A Date with Save the Date
This game is an unusual, one-of-a-kind experience that I don’t think hit me quite the way the author intended.

Far Cry 2: A Photo Diary
I just wish everyone could see Far Cry 2 the way I do…

The Beauty of the Glitch
About finding the beauty in the stuff you’re not supposed to see.


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