What’s Awesome, Doom?

In this series, I explore the vast and chaotic sea of Doom WADs, diving into its dark depths and wrestling with the jaws of death to return with the biggest, shiniest pearls I can find. By which I mean I play a bunch of mods and tell you which ones are awesome.

Episode 0: A Beginner’s Guide to Doom WADs
Episode 1: Suspended in Dusk
Episode 2: The Eye
Episode 3: Wire Brush
Episode 4: Back to Saturn X
Episode 5: High/Low 1
Episode 6: High/Low 2, 3, 4
Episode 7: Reverie
Episode 8: 900 Deep in the Dead
Episode 9: Deus Vult
Episode 10: High/Low 5
Episode 11: Flashback to Hell
Episode 12: Favillesco Alpha Episode: Apostasy on Amalthea
Episode 13: Loathsome Cleft
Episode 14: Bedlam
Episode 15: Deneb Colony
Episode 16: Memento Mori II


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