SparkNotes is For Girls

Does anyone else frequent SparkNotes for totally legit reasons and not because you didn’t read that one book for class? If you’re male, do you feel strangely out of place when you’re there? Has anyone else noticed that all the ads are geared toward high school-age girls? They seem to be, anyway. I am, admittedly, not an expert on this demographic, but…

“How to get Prom Eyes on the cheap.” Hey — I would have settled for a prom date.

“What does YOUR bra say about you?” I’m not sure; I hope it respects me enough not to talk behind my back.

“Are you addicted to boys?” Hold on. What are you… trying to say, SparkNotes? I-I’m not comfortable with this line of questioning!

So, what is this? Aren’t we still on the internet? What’s going on here! All this stuff is clearly designed for girls. It doesn’t even try to hide it! How dare this website not cater to me as a straight white male like the other 99% of the internet!

It is kind of funny that it’s SparkNotes specifically where I’ve first noticed a real shift in the target audience for ads on the internet. I’ve come up with two potential explanations. 1. SparkNotes is the meeting place — the neutral zone, if you will — between warring male and female hemispheres of the internet, and the only place where those hemispheres overlap. 2. High school girls happen to study a lot.

Hm. I wonder.


Jia Jiang, You Beautiful Man

I had a bad day today.

Nothing earth-shattering. No tragedy or illness, and I’m thankful for that. I’m in a weird position, though, knowing that other people out there –people I know personally and respect, even — are having real, concrete, profound troubles right now, and it’s hard not to feel like a drama queen for complaining about a bad day.

A friend suggested rejection therapy as a way of combating some of the problems contributing to my Chronic Bad Day Syndrome. (Is it just me or does the term “rejection therapy” sound really dire? Can we come up with something that’s got a more pleasant ring to it?) I’m not convinced I could ever pull off most of the things Mr. Jiang has pulled off in his adventure, but watching his videos just fills me with delightful feels. I wonder if we all had a little more Jia Jiang in us… how much more honest could we be with one another? And how much happier with ourselves? I wonder.

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To Facebook or Not to Facebook

Presently, this is my great dilemma.

More accurately, actually, my struggle is whether I should quit Facebook or not, but “To Quit Facebook or Not to Quit Facebook” wasn’t as catchy a title.

A friend of mine has already written a much more eloquent post on this subject, and if the title doesn’t give it away, he went with the second option. (Also, since he will undoubtedly notice the pingback (or whatever it’s called) from this post and since he wasn’t aware of this blog previously: Hello, Mr. Watson. Yes, it is I.)

Where was I? Right — I think, deep down, we all realize that Facebook is terrible. Ultimately, I would love to be able to compartmentalize my life such that I could close the little set of doors (or slam them, for added effect) that represent my life with Facebook, saying with a pleasant sigh, “Well, now that that’s over!” and stride confidently into my post-Facebook life. But is it the smart thing to do? There are compelling arguments on both sides, and as I said on a recent post to the damnable website itself, I am rather in a deadlock right now. Maybe in writing this post I can unravel the issue and arrive at a satisfying decision.

Let’s get to it, then. First, the pros.

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