Let’s… Let’s Play?

Here’s a rather unceremonious way of announcing a side project I’m working on: I’m trying to put together a let’s play series!

Everyone and his mother is doing it these days, and being the trendy fellow I am, I had to jump on that particular wagon. Gotta pay those bills.

Really, though — I’ve wanted for a while now to expand my videogame-talky-guy stuff into another format. I’ll always have the blog, but it would be nice to have something else on top of it. Something verbal and more off-the-cuff — something conversational, even. Let’s plays, then! Except, to have a real conversation, you kind of need another person.

I’ve been looking — quietly — for the perfect co-host for years. Really, it’s been that long.

Enter: Scott. No no, not me. A different one. My new buddy and totally-not-internet-boyfriend-I-swear Scott (oh gosh we have the same name, it must be fate). Not only is he interested in sitting down and playing some games with me, we’ve got some pretty good chemistry and enough conflicting opinions to keep things interesting. Awesome, right? Let’s roll!

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Anime Boston Part 2: The Missing Pieces


And then it was Thursday.

It’s been… Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday — four days since I walked out of the convention center, for the first time all weekend, into the outside world. When I’d entered, it was cloudy and threatening a downpour. When I walked out the door, I walked into a breezy, sunny afternoon.

And then suddenly it was Thursday.

Sitting here those four days later, I’m unpacking, reminiscing, looking at the fliers and booklets and things that came home with me. Realizing that I made a huge mistake trying to fit the whole weekend’s adventure into a single post, as all sorts of bits and pieces — briefly lost and forgotten in the sleepy haze of a Tuesday-that-felt-like-Monday — light up in the various compartments of my memory.

I’m looking over the con schedule, trying to trace my path through the madness. I was at this panel; I know I remember that. Then I think we went to this one, or was it this one? We talked about both but I forget what we decided. Either way, the next thing I remember is going to this thing, but… what happened to the three hours in between?

I guess we ought to start at the beginning…

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The Faces of Anime Boston


Before this last weekend, I had never been to a convention. Anime, videogame, Star Trek cons — nothing. I had a general idea of what happened at these sorts of things, but no real sense of what to expect. A day and a half in, and those are basically the words that came out of my mouth. “I don’t know what I was expecting.”

“But this isn’t it?” she asks, to which I really have no answer. The only one I can come up with is the rather dull “I don’t know.” It feels like a thought interrupted. Was I going somewhere with that? “I don’t know what I was expecting, but I certainly never expected X?” I don’t remember what I was trying to say, if I was trying to say anything at all.

That’s the con experience in a nutshell: “…what was I saying?” It’s a tempest of color and sound and emotion that blows past so fast you’re not really sure what just happened, but you’re definitely sure you want more.

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