On the Move

digitaleidoscope has a new home.

We’re going independent — losing the ads, dropping the “.wordpress” and opening the book to the next chapter. I hope you’ll join us over at the brand new digitaleidoscope.com, where this here blogger will live from now on.

Just to be clear, digitaleidoscope.wordpress.com, as of today, won’t be updated anymore. All new posts will be over at the new site. I’ll keep the old one up for quite a while, probably, in the hope of pointing the stragglers in the right direction.

Otherwise, there won’t be a whole lot going on here. Head on over to the new site and join the party!


On a Whim


It’s been — well, it’s been a while, huh?

It’s funny… how easy it is to get into a habit. I started this blog on a whim, really, and a few months into the gig, it felt like the way things had always been. (Tuesday post, Thursday post. Tuesday. Thursday. Tuesday, Thursday…)

But it’s just as easy to get out of one, I guess.

I stopped posting on a whim, too. I didn’t really mean for that anniversary post to be the last post for seven months. It just sort of happened that way. I missed a post and then two because of this thing or that, then told myself it was okay because I’d already said I probably wouldn’t keep up with the two-posts-a-week business. After that, you keep coming up with excuses. And then it’s Next week, definitely! and Okay, but seriously next week. Before long, you’re avoiding it because you’re afraid. I’ve been gone so long, I can’t just go back. I need something awesome. I need the perfect Return to Blogging post. I need a  reason why I disappeared for so long.

Of course, you don’t have it, and you never will. Not posting is the new habit you’ve made for yourself, and you can’t really justify having given up on it in the first place.

So that’s where I’ve been all this time. Quietly wondering how to slip back into this blogging thing, not making myself look like a good-for-nothing slacker in the process. But I am a good-for-nothing slacker sometimes, and worrying about that only intensifies my slackerdom.

In short, I’m back! And now that I’ve said so, I can’t put it off any longer!

Hello, internet. I’ve missed you.

One Year Later

A year ago, I started a little experiment. A challenge for myself. It was a writing exercise: to keep a journal of sorts. Twice a week, I’d write about something — anything, really — that was on my mind. Like a normal journal, except this would be on the internet — you know, because if I kept it to myself I’m sure I wouldn’t have stuck with it for long.

A year ago, I called that little experiment digitaleidoscope. And a year later, I still don’t know how to pronounce it.

A year ago, I got my first follower. Weirdly, many more followed. A year later, I still can’t figure out why anyone reads this stuff.

A year ago, I was trying to teach myself C++, as evidenced by the title of this post. It didn’t go well. A year later, I’m learning C — in an actual classroom — and nothing has exploded quite yet.

A year ago, I was beginning to think I was incapable of committing to anything long term. A year later, I’ve yet to miss a single day in my posting schedule, even if I’ve had to fudge it a few times. I’ve worked on the same creative writing project all this time too, and I’ve managed to survive school with As across the board. I’m even holding down a real job like a real adult.

And a year ago, I was sort of… lost…

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So, What Do English Majors Do?

If you’ve ever wondered that question aloud to yourself, you’re not alone. Every time I hear the question, “So what’s your major?” it’s usually followed by something like “Oh. Um… what do you do with that?”

Well, mostly I talk about nerdy English things.

Oh, you mean what I can do — like, for a career? After school is over? I dunno; I try not to think about that too much.

For now, it’s all 100% theory and 0% practicality. English majors love to theorize and ponder and read way too deeply into everything. We love to wonder about fictional stuff but not so much plan for real stuff. We love to talk, really. As far as I know, it’s the only major with a focus on sitting around and chatting, book club style, about stuff or whatever. Doesn’t even matter if you know what you’re talking about as long as you make like you do.

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Hold up. 100? Not 98 or 99? Huh. I swear I had another week to prepare something. Something heartfelt and witty, you know? It was going to be great.

Um… oops. Well, thanks for reading anyway!

Superfab Adventures in Programming!: I C What You Did There

WordPress — like, I imagine, most blog-writing software — uses categories for grouping posts. On day one, before I’d even written anything yet, I set up a whole list of categories for all the things I thought I’d write about. Some never got used and ended up in the trash bin, or lumped together with others when I realized I’d hardly ever use them on their own. Only one, though, has sat there intact but unused, just waiting for its day in the sun: “Dev Diary.” Today, I checked the Dev Diary category off for the first time — for this very post.

See, this is the beginning of something new. Something that’s sure to be very long and very bumpy — something which I shall call my Superfab Adventures in Programming!

A brief attempt at teaching myself C++ aside, I’m currently taking my first steps toward learning a programming language. The language? C. The class? Computing I. A little weird to be picking up a computer science minor as an English major (and as an almost-senior at that), but us artsy types are fickle like that. And anyway, I’m doing it for the art! Mostly I’m picking up the CS stuff because I want to make a roguelike. Just don’t tell my professor that.

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Let’s Level Up Our Farming Skill!


So we’ve started a garden.

Yeah, I know this is a blog about the Digital Age, but occasionally it’s nice to get back to basics, even for us nerds. To get down to earth. To get our hands dirty.

And actually, maintaining a garden is a little videogame-y, if you think about it. I just recently got back into Lord of the Rings Online, and it’s interesting how similar they feel. (I’m not crazy, I swear.) There’s that same slow crawl, the work-at-it-a-little-every-day mentality. Except in an MMO you’re fighting monsters and crafting items (I have a character who farms, weirdly, but I haven’t played him in a while). You kill some stuff, do some quests, knock out a bunch of recipes every day. If you’re smart, you do it with a friend. It’s a grind, and the reward is becoming more powerful.

Here, the reward is tasty, tasty vegetables, and the grind is watering and weeding and waiting (and doing it with a friend ain’t a bad idea either).

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Proper Theming

I have a theming problem. With this blog, I mean. I also don’t have a very good eye for design.

I had originally planned on going a while without caring, but that didn’t pan out. For some reason, people started reading this and then I suddenly felt like I had to make the place look nice. So I ate through half a dozen themes in a couple weeks before finally settling on one. Believe it or not — once upon a time, we looked like this:


But where’s the color?

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The Technophile’s Curse

In the Digital Age, there is a new affliction sweeping the globe. A condition that affects millions of computer nerds and gamers alike. It’s called the Technophile’s Curse (well, it is as of right now): the complete inability to keep a normal sleep schedule.

My mother always used to claim it was from looking at screens — CRTs back then, LCDs now. Something about too much light too late at night screwing up the body’s internal clock. That might be true, but I ain’t a scientist. Besides, I’m always the last person asleep even on nights when there isn’t a screen in sight. So obviously that theory is completely wrong because I say so.

Whatever the cause, I haven’t been able to consistently get to sleep earlier than midnight… probably since high school. Sometimes I’ll finagle my schedule back to something resembling the normal hours ever other human being seems to keep, but it only lasts for a few days before slipping again. My problem is that I always get a surge of energy around 10 at night and from there I can’t hope to sleep for at least a few more hours.

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