Sometimes I write about things. Other times, I write about other things. So…

What’s digitaleidoscope?

Basically, this blog is supposed to be my open love letter to the digital world, but I often get sidetracked. Every Tuesday and Thursday, I’ll post musings on videogames, technology, internet culture, music, film, or whatever I’m feeling passionate about at the time. Don’t expect anything too professional, consistent, or — you know — serious. Do expect a lot of nostalgia and an uncomfortable level of unfiltered emotions. Stick around and maybe we can gush together over the stuff we love!

Want to get in touch?

Have some feedback? Did I say something dumb? Maybe you’ve got videogame, movie, album, etc. recommendation? Think I would dig your Doom WAD? Want to challenge me to a duel to the death? Cool! Let me know!

You’re welcome to leave a comment anywhere on the blog (even on ancient posts I’ve probably forgotten I wrote).

Or if you’d rather e-mail me, my address is the same as scwiba (at gmail dot com).


3 thoughts on “About

  1. A friendly wave as I was visiting over at lpalmerchronicles, and playing along on the little game for today. I like the name of your blog. Very cool.

    • Hi Jeff! Thanks for stopping by! Make yourself at home. We’ve got drinks over there and these cookies should be coming out of the oven any second now.

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