Silent Storm — Mission 17: The Calm Before the Silent Storm


And there’s our guy:


Down on the factory floor, we have a little chat with Sinitsyn.





He gives us a rundown of both Thor’s Hammer and Ivan Lebedev:


Great. But was it worth losing Gator and Sook for that information? …no. No, it wasn’t.

We’re two men short of a full team, so we’ve got to put the next mission on hold while we hop a plane back to base.


When we return, we find that our nameless technician has developed something of an uncomfortable relationship with the PKs while we were gone.


ss_portrait_bogeyOokay. I think, uh, we’ll just… take those off your hands, alright?

Once we’ve reclaimed our panzerkleins, we look to recruiting our new team members — new team members who might be the last we ever add to the team. With that in mind, I figure it’s about time we rounded the team back out.

Meet “Rowdy” MacDougall and Kate Martin.

ss_22_09   ss_22_08

It’s been ages since we’ve had a grenadier, so Rowdy is a welcome addition. I’d really love to see Nessie’s greatness reincarnated in this guy, but I’ll settle for anyone who can toss a grenade with some level of skill.

And Kate — Kate’s following in Matt and Sook’s footsteps. She’ll be our scout, spotter, and shuriken-tosser.

We outfit them both: Kate gets Sook’s trusty silenced SMG and what was left of Matt’s blades, and Rowdy inherits Gator’s machine guns and most of the grenades we’ve still got lying around.


The new team’s assembled and ready to roll.


To Russia, one last time!


ss_portrait_bogeyWait! Can we skip this mission? I think we should go straight for Berger.

ss_portrait_viperWhat, why?

ss_portrait_zinaidaI thought you’d jump at another chance to see the panzerkleins in action.

ss_portrait_bogeyYeah, but… uh, Berger. And stuff.

ss_portrait_zinaidaUhuh. Don’t worry. We’ll pay him a visit soon.


The Commandant sends out the welcoming committee when we arrive.


Man, the Russians in this game are so friendly.

Before we’re actually within speaking distance, though, the camera cuts to these super stealthy Thor’s Hammer dudes on the other side of the building.


You’d think they’d maybe change out of their black uniforms and green camo trench coats for an operation in the snow, but I guess not. I think the Russians are pretending they don’t notice the enemy soldiers just to make them feel a little less stupid.

When three of the Russians have clustered by the door, the Hammer strikes.


One grenade and three kills — the attack is underway. Our welcoming committee takes off toward the explosion.


With three men already down, the Russians have only — if I’m counting right — nine bodies to defend the building. All with garbage weapons. We can see six Hammer soldiers carrying top-of-the-line tech, but I’m sure there’s even more out there. The base would be theirs… except they didn’t count on us being here. Damn do we have perfect timing!

ss_portrait_bogeyWow, they sure are outnumbered! Better scrub the mission.

ss_portrait_doughatAlternately, we could not do that. We have these, if you recall.


The Russians and Hammer soldiers are skirmishing ahead. It takes a little while to get the PKs in range of the enemy, but once we do…


The results are basically what you’d expect.



(Can I just point out that one guy getting flung over the fence in the explosion? It made my day.)

While Doug and Zinaida do the PK thing, Kate sneaks up on a lone sniper in the far corner of the map and finishes him with a flurry of knives.


Game over. That really is all they had to offer.

ss_portrait_bogeyMission complete! Time to go, right?


We meet up with the Russian commander for a casual conversation over the bleeding corpses of his men.


ss_petr_portraitHold on… Is that you, little Boggie?

ss_portrait_bogeyDon’t call me that.

ss_petr_portraitIt is you! Give your Uncle Petr a hug!


ss_petr_portraitA-alright. Well, are you going to go see your mother while you’re in town?

ss_portrait_bogeyI don’t have time. I’m on very important business.

ss_petr_portraitOh. Still doing your research? You’ve been gone so many years.


ss_petr_portraitDa. Little Boggie has always dreamt of being an action hero in the moving pictures.

ss_portrait_dougFAILED ACTOR! He was a failed actor before the war!

ss_portrait_viperDang it. Why’d I put ma money on substitute teacher?

ss_portrait_zinaidaI seriously thought he was an art critic…

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