Silent Storm — Mission 5: The One Where Nothing Interesting Happens


So the Germans are infiltrating our dear United Kingdom at an alarming rate. We’ve taken out a small group of them who were reporting to the traitor Major Newhouse. We’ve (sort of) thwarted an attack on one of our bases. Now maybe it’s time to deal the finishing blow to their forces here.

We’ve got the location of a base they’ve been using to coordinate their troops in the country. Before heading off on this sure-to-be dangerous and exciting mission, we pick up two things from Ozwell in the armory.


One: this amazing silenced SMG for Sook. I was under the impression we’d have to stick to pistols and other crap guns if we wanted him to stay silent, but this SMG is almost as powerful as the ones Nessie and Doug are wielding. There’s only one available (maybe for a long time), but it makes Sook a real threat on the battlefield while keeping to his Sneaky Stealth Dude reputation.



…for Doug. There’s exactly three rockets to be signed out for it at the moment, but still. It’s a rocket launcher, man.

Okay. With those two super sweet upgrades done, on to the mission!


The squad enters the area from the east by road. There’s a small house right next to us.


And up the road, just beyond the view in that first shot, two more.


It looks peaceful enough, but intel says this village is compromised. Any one of these houses could be a German post. Or all of them. Thankfully none of them are more than one story, which means a quick look is all that’s needed to determine whether a house is clean before we move on to the next.

While Vipes and Bogey keep an eye on the road, the rest of the team scouts out the first house.


Which turns out to be empty except for..



Welp. Nothing we could have done, I suppose. Maybe there are more to save, though. Speaking of which, what are our objectives?


Agent who?

I guess we’ll find out. In the meantime, let’s concern ourselves with the matter at hand: there are definitely Germans around. They’ve killed at least two of the villagers (why they’ve left the bodies just lying around I have no idea), but if you needed any more proof that there’s an enemy presence here, Bogey’s spotted one standing in the window of the next house. His back seems to be turned and for now, he’s ignorant to our approach.

Sook goes ahead to… you know, scout.


He makes his way through the back yards, hopping fences along the way. Jerzey, Nessie, and Doug stick behind this first fence and out of sight until they’re needed. By the time Sook crosses the gap between homes, our snipers in the road have somehow marked another enemy inside.

Then Sook hears a third.


The rear of the house has only one window, down the other end, so Sook continues around the chimney and up toward the back door. He’s almost to the window when things go bad:


Movement inside the house, and lots of it. Now we’ve got four contacts and three of them are bee-lining it to the back door.

Sook, get out of there!



Combat begins — and the first attack actually comes from in front. Apparently while we were distracted by the parade toward the back door, one soldier snuck out the window and around the other side.


He misses the first shot. Sook makes sure it’s his last.

Once the path is clear, he takes cover behind the chimney. I’d run him back to the other house, but I’m afraid there could be others still watching from the window who’d gun Sook down the moment he was in view. Better to wait for the cavalry.


ss_portrait_nessieHang in there, kid!

ss_portrait_dougWe’ll be there in a jiffy!

Man, look at those action poses. I’m beginning to believe you guys actually could grow up to be real heroes.


Like I feared, another German was lying in wait just inside. As two approach Sook from the west, one drops out of the window to skirmish with his reinforcements. Viper and Bogey peg him from a distance. Nessie and Doug unload on him. All that and he’s still standing.

Jerzey and Sook have better luck with their combined fire.


With all our AP exhausted, I press the End Turn button and hold my breath. This next soldier could very easily take a step forward, turn toward Sook, and paint the wall with him. One turn would be all he needs.

He doesn’t, though. He pokes a few holes in Sook when he gets the chance, but somehow not enough to kill him. Not even enough to bring him to half-HP. Sook, on the other hand, is more than happy to not give the German that same courtesy.

Crisis averted. Next turn we’ve got more than enough bullets to go around, and the last two enemies are no trouble at all.


The inside of this building turns out to be empty now, except for the body of yet another civilian. Since there’s no threat left here, Jerzey is able to scavenge some ammo for one of his machine guns that was getting dangerously low. Then he, Nessie, and Doug cross the road to the last house.


Viper comes up behind to cover them. Bogey and Sook are out of the picture for now while Bogey works on Sook’s wounds. We park outside the front door and wait for them to join us.

This guy joins us instead, so the battle begins slightly ahead of schedule.


Ness more or less handles him and his buddies by himself. Again.


The “usefull” information our objectives mentioned turns out to be on one of these soldiers.


This had better not be more German soldiers hiding out in England, Silent Storm. I want to get out there and see the world!

But with that objective complete, we proceed into the back room. The mysterious Agent Wilkins is there.


As soon as we pick him up, though, a bullet plunks into the floorboards next to us.

It takes me a minute to figure out what happened… and then I notice the ladder behind Jerzey. I didn’t even realize it, but there’s a cramped little attic up there, and one last Nazi holding out.

But not for long.


Jerzey’s MG is enough to bust a hole through the ceiling and take the guy out.

And we’re done here.


So what’s the news?


…of course. Looks like our job in England isn’t over quite yet.

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