Silent Storm — Mission 2, Part 1: Vhat a Tveest!


The results of the mission are in:


Seems the German officer we “captured” has been receiving orders from a Major Newhouse — one of our guys. Which means we’ve got a traitor.

Before heading off to track this guy down, we’re going to make a quick pit stop at the base. Might as well let the Colonel know things are going well.


ss_portrait_bogeyColonel! I have unearthed a conspiracy.

ss_colonel_portraitMhm. Well done, Bogey. I mean, Captain Yeromensky.

ss_portrait_bogeyYeromeyev, sir. Shall I brief you on the situation?



No, no. No time for that. And I’m sure the conspiracy runs very deep, so you’d better get out there immediately and get to the bottom of it.

ss_portrait_bogeyYes sir. I won’t disappoint you.

To the armory!

ss_colonel_portrait…whew. That was a close one.

Since we barely used any bullets last mission, there’s no need to stock up again, and aside from the sliver of Nessie’s healthbar that had to be field-dressed last mission, there’s nothing needing attention at the infirmary. The real reason I came back was to check whether our buddy Ozwell had got a new shipment of grenades in.

He did.


Sure we didn’t use up a single one in the previous mission, but now we’re so much closer to the admirable goal of filling Nessie’s inventory entirely with grenades!

We’ll also shift a few looted weapons around. Elf upgrades her pistol and Jerzey fulfills his dream of equipping two SMGs at once!


I’m mostly trying to compare them. Aside from the obvious difference in magazine size, the one of the left appears to do more damage but fire slower. I figure I’ll test them out in the field and see which is more effective. (The results sadly turn out to be inconclusive.)

Having settled that and forgotten I have a bunch of skill points I should probably allocate, we’re off again.

ss_portrait_bogeyI’ll be back with Newhouse in a body bag, Colonel.

ss_colonel_portraitExcellent, Bogey. Take your time out there.




Wait… what? Major Newhouse? Dammit, Ozwell! Get Bogey back in here before he starts offing our officers!


Next stop on our map: Newhouse’s manor.



ss_portrait_nessieHey, Boges. I don’t suppose you have a plan? This place looks pretty heavily guarded.

ss_portrait_bogeyDon’t worry. Let me do the talking.




Wow. Could you imply any more heavily that this is a tra–

ss_portrait_bogeySounds legit. Let’s go.



On the plus side, we get an awesome shot of the whole team doing a badass walk up to the door.




Oh, I see how it is.


We’d better do what he says. I mean, it’s not like we can go around shooting our own dudes. These are Allied soldiers, even if Newhouse is a traitor.


Bogey… I’m not sure that’s…

ss_portrait_bogeyOpen fire!

Oh boy…

ss_03_20 ss_03_18 ss_03_19

So much for a diplomatic solution.

On to the next episode!
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