Silent Storm — Mission 1, Part 2: Capture the Whatever!

ss_portrait_bogeyHello, friends. Before we set out, I would like to welcome you to the team. It is a great honor to receive an assignment to Special Operations SE2 (copyright 1942 Bogdan Yeromeyev). I will be your commanding officer for the duration of this important mission. The war effort may very well be determined by the success or failure of our efforts.

ss_portrait_viperI ain’t never heard of any SE2. This operation aboveboard, boss?

ss_portrait_bogeyYes, yes… and I assure you it’s all very important and distinguished.

ss_portrait_dougSeems a wee bit dubious.

ss_portrait_elfWill there be stabbin’, at least?

ss_portrait_bogey…if you would like there to be.

ss_portrait_elfCount me in.

ss_portrait_bogeyUm, alright… and the rest of you?

ss_portrait_dougOrders are orders, I suppose. You’ll hear no guff from me.

ss_portrait_viperThe Gnazis killed my unnamed love interest. I’m game.

ss_portrait_nessieRight. Somebody’s gotta look after you kids.


ss_portrait_bogeyExcellent. Then we’re off. For Mother Russia!


We arrive at the marker on our map. It looks peaceful enough, but looks are deceiving. Before things get too real, a quick look over the terrain.


This is most of the map in a single screenshot. We’re just “north” of that cluster of trees in the top left corner. A road runs north to south at the east edge, and parked in the middle is what looks like a German truck. I guess we’re… raiding the truck? For documents, right?


Oh, okay. Capture an enemy agent. Got it. Forget the documents we were told about earlier.

This space age sheet of paper has the power to interpret the situation and update on the fly. It’s nice because it’ll give us some direction even if Colonel Just-Wing-It doesn’t — but only once we’ve got where we’re going. Who needs to plan ahead, anyway?

Presumably we’re to make our way to the truck, but I don’t trust that rocky clearing to the south. Viper’ll scope that out for now while Elf shows off her cool disappearing act.


(Also appears to generate a neat anti-light field.)


ss_portrait_bogeyWe have the element of surprise. Keep to the shadows. Elf, I want you to–


ss_portrait_bogeyI… um. Yes, excellent. Good thinking, Lieutenant.

Both of our eager scouts have already spotted some opposition: one in the gravel pit and two by the truck. Once they’ve been spotted, you can easily make out enemies on the map by one of two icons: a super evil-looking soldier’s head in a red circle, or an ear in a pink one. Although the ear could technically be a neutral contact as well; it represents anyone we’ve seen or heard skulking around, but can’t see at the moment.


Elf caught a glimpse of these two as she crossed the road. Doesn’t look like they’ve noticed us, though. We’ll take the chance to move everyone into a good position — all the better to get the drop on the bad guys.


Bogey joins Viper, and they move up through the trees all stealthy-like. Not stealthy enough, though, because combat begins just as Bogey shuffles up behind Viper.


So much for the element of surprise. Maybe you should leave the sneaking to the professionals.

ss_portrait_bogeyI… meant to do that.

There’s movement by the truck. No gunfire quite yet. More worryingly, the soldier in the ditch disappears from sight.


Since Viper can’t get a bead on anyone over there for now, he turns to cover Nessie, Doug, and Jerzey’s approach toward the truck. I super don’t like being blind to the west there, though. We need some eyes over there and since Bogey’s the only one nearby…


…oh. Hey there, guys. How’s it going? Are there… two, or three of you down there?


That answers that.

ss_portrait_bogeyViper! You had better be willing to lay down your life to protect your commanding officer!

ss_portrait_viperYeah, yeah, boss. I gotcha covered.

We split our focus at this point. Our long-range guys cover these three that are still at a distance, while the SMG-trio rolls right up to the guards at the truck.


And everybody starts shootin’. In the meantime, what’s Elf up to?


Not too shabby. She’s taken advantage of the chaos and gotten pretty dang close to what appears to be the enemy commander. There’s a good shot at one of the soldiers, but what she really wants is that officer. She’ll hold back for another turn or two.

Back on the west side of the map, Viper and Bogey are holding back the soldiers in the pit admirably.


Meanwhile, the two truck guards open fire on our guys and wing Nessie. Don’t worry; he gets his payback.


That takes care of the officer’s two bodyguards. Elf decides its her time to shine, and she and the commander exchange shots while he cuts and runs — pointlessly, toward the abyss at the edge of the map.


ss_portrait_elfCome back! I’ve a billy club with yer name on ‘t!

While they’re engaged, Jerzey circles around the front of the truck to finish him off.


Poor guy didn’t stand a chance…

Our four squad members near the truck gather up and take a look at the loot. Among the dropped guns and ammo, there’s also a trunk — locked tight. I could waste some bullets shooting it open, but since I have an engineer and a lockpick right here, might as well put them to good use.


Inside (and under that dead Nazi), Doug finds a couple of mines and a few medical supplies for Bogey, whenever he makes it over here.

ss_portrait_dougSpeaking of which, where did those chaps get off to?


ss_portrait_viperGrenades! Lookit all the beautiful grenades!

Our riflemen have mopped up the rest of the opposition and are already digging through the remains. Like I said, I pick up every grenade I can find. These guys dropped three of them — M-39s — along with a 33-40 rifle that’s better than what Bogey’s currently got equipped. Not much ammo for it, but I’ll take it.

Once the loot’s sifted through and we’ve made off with all the nice bits, everyone meets up again to figure out our next move.


Wait, what were we supposed to be doing here, again?

Oh. Oooh…

“Capture the enemy agent.”


...that agent? Uh… did you mean alive, or…?

ss_portrait_bogeyJerzey, grab that corpse.


ss_portrait_bogeyDon’t worry. We’ll make like Weekend at Bernie’s. No one has to know.



Actually, in a shocking twist, this Swiss-cheese-looking dude is apparently still alive. According to our objectives, anyway.


So… mission accomplished, I guess! Good job, guys. I’m not sure if the game just took pity on us or what, but I’ll call it a successful mission anyway!

We’re outta here!


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