Rewriting History — scwiba Plays Silent Storm!


I know you’ve all been waiting for this. The legend. The one; the only.

It’s time for… some game you’ve never heard of.

Silent Storm!

You’ve never heard of it; I’ve never heard of it, but I’m here to tell you — it’s awesome. No — fantastic. No, wait — ballin’. I picked it up for a couple bucks on GoG based solely on the blurb and a few screenshots. The verdict? Probably the best videogame impulse buy I’ve ever made, and I’ve lucked out pretty hard with those types of deals.

So, what kind of game is this? Here’s the box art, if that helps:


Silent Storm is a World War II turn-based tactics game where you control a squad of six (ethnically diverse!) soldiers on a mission to uncover a secret plot that involves alien weapons and mecha suits. Or something. I made it halfway through the game and knew in my heart that I had to LP it, so I actually don’t know how the story winds up playing out. That, and my first run was on the Axis side of things, so playing through as the Allies will mean I’m going in mostly blind.

Who knows where this trip will take us!

Who will survive? What shadow organization will we find out was behind the war all along? Was it aliens? Time-traveling pranksters? Mecha-Hitler? Will there be a crossover with Wolfenstein? Who knows! All I know is there will be thrills and chills, the cheers of victory and the tears of loss — and I hope you’ll join me for the ride.

My name is scwiba and I’ll be your guide on this totally factual and 100% historically accurate journey through the second world war! Keep your pants on; we’re jumping straight in!


Table of Contents

Mission 0: One Man Against the World
Mission 1, Part 1: Assemble the B-Team!
Mission 1, Part 2: Capture the Whatever!
Mission 2, Part 1: Vhat a Tveest!
Mission 2, Part 2: A Good Old-Fashioned Shootout
Mission 3, Part 1: It Gets Real
Mission 3, Part 2: And Then There Were Five
Mission 4: Everything is Made of Explodium
Mission 5: The One Where Nothing Interesting Happens
Mission 6: I Have No Idea…
Mission 7: Tactical Genius!
Mission 8, Part 1: Into the Abyss
Mission 8, Part 2: The Obligatory Scary Level
Mission 9: You Just Can’t Find Good Help These Days!
Mission 10: Battlefield Great Britain
Mission 11: Renegades and Rocket Ships
Mission 12: Operation Title Drop
Mission 13, Part 1: Plot Is Happening
Mission 13, Part 2: Everyone Dies!
Mission 14: S2: Judgment Day
Mission 15: Yep, They Make Swords For Panzerkleins
Mission 16: In Which I Speak Too Soon
Mission 17: The Calm Before the Silent Storm
Mission 18, Part 1: Never Trust Switzerland
Mission 18, Part 2: Split Up, Gang!
Mission 18, Part 3: Bob’s Bergers
Mission 19: Drop the Hammer!


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