Exile Goes Free


Just a quick heads-up post today. A bit of breaking news, if you will. (Please note: my working definition of breaking news here includes anything I just found out about, regardless of how long it’s been public knowledge.)

As of <some time in the semi-recent past>, the greatest RPG trilogy of all time is now freeware! That is, Jeff Vogel has released his classic RPG series, Exile, for free on his website. I don’t know about you, but that’s pretty big news for me, even if I own the trilogy twice over already. Since time immemorial, I’ve considered it one of the best series out there, and now that it’s free, maybe more people will try it out.

Of course, there’s one sizable hurdle: I hear Exile doesn’t run on 64-bit operating systems. That’s probably a lot of you these days. (Believe it or not, old Jeff Vogel games are the #1 reason I’ve stuck with 32-bit Windows XP as long as I have.) But if you can figure a way to get old games like this running, I urge you to try them out. Classic RPGing doesn’t get much better than this.

I’ll go into more detail down the road, but for now, I just thought you should know. I’m looking out for you!


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