The Technophile’s Curse

In the Digital Age, there is a new affliction sweeping the globe. A condition that affects millions of computer nerds and gamers alike. It’s called the Technophile’s Curse (well, it is as of right now): the complete inability to keep a normal sleep schedule.

My mother always used to claim it was from looking at screens — CRTs back then, LCDs now. Something about too much light too late at night screwing up the body’s internal clock. That might be true, but I ain’t a scientist. Besides, I’m always the last person asleep even on nights when there isn’t a screen in sight. So obviously that theory is completely wrong because I say so.

Whatever the cause, I haven’t been able to consistently get to sleep earlier than midnight… probably since high school. Sometimes I’ll finagle my schedule back to something resembling the normal hours ever other human being seems to keep, but it only lasts for a few days before slipping again. My problem is that I always get a surge of energy around 10 at night and from there I can’t hope to sleep for at least a few more hours.

It’s not so bad most of the time. There are only the occasional snags.

It… it says on the schedule that I’m working at 10… AM? What sort of superhuman Master of Time and Space is awake at that ungodly hour?

What do you mean this class is only offered at 8 in the morning? I’m pretty sure that’s a made-up time. Are you sure there’s an 8 other than 8 PM?

But I manage. I carry this great burden for you, dear reader. You shall never be deprived of my dumb thoughts, or my opinions on old videogames you’ve never heard of!

Of course, I’m not alone. Most of my friends have the same curse. The otakus, the gamers, tech nerds, the Facebook addicts. Somehow, technology makes you a night person. Maybe it’s nature’s way of telling us to go outside more.

Well, nature — you aren’t the boss of me. I’ll play all the videogames I want — and talk about them on the internet — and there’s nothing you can do about it!


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