Spring Cleaning

Spring! It’s still technically spring — according to Google, anyhow. You know what that means, right? We’ve still got time for spring cleaning!

Remember when spring cleaning meant just a little dusting, some vacuuming — washing the hard floors and windows, maybe? If you’re real hardcore, you threw open the closet doors that all year have hid a whole bunch of useless junk you didn’t know what to do with before.

I’m really good at that one. “What? Someone’s coming over? Throw all this crap in the closet! Check it out; look how organized I am!” Meanwhile, there’s a pile of odds and ends leaning precariously on the other side of that closet door, itching to tumble back out into your pristine just-cleaned-and-ready-for-company abode.

This year, though. This year I will attack that pile!

Yeah, so… remember when that was the extent of the cleaning that needed to be done? House work?

Nah, I don’t really either. Now we’ve got computers to make things more complicated! When you say “spring cleaning,” it’s the mess on my hard drive that I think of — not just the mess in my closet.

I have this habit where I tend to format my hard drive every few months and start fresh. Gives your computer that clean, straight-out-of-the-dryer feel. Mmm.

So you’d think everything would be nice and orderly, but you would be wrong. It just means I have a bunch of folders with names like “backup may 2013,” “emergency backup” (that one time I thought I might have gone to a sketchy website by accident), and my personal favorite: “SORT THIS PLEASE STOP DRAGGING YOUR FEET.”

That’s really a folder on one of my hard drives. I think that folder in particular is from sometime last year. Which actually is not, in the grand scheme of things, that long ago. I have backups of backups from almost a decade ago.

Quick tally across three hard drives — I’ve got 815 gigs of stuff. 89918 files. Hm. I suppose I should follow my own advice and stop dragging my feet. Yep, that’ll be my spring cleaning this year.

The closet? Uh… well, there’s always fall cleaning! I heard once that that was a thing.

If you need me, I’ll be knee-deep in unlabeled image files from 2006. And if I don’t come back, don’t go looking for me, lest the abyss swallow you as well.


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