A Post About Nothing

I don’t really have much to talk about today.

Wait, I’ll think of something! Don’t leave! Let’s talk about… having nothing to talk about. Hm. That sounded more exciting in my head.

Even aside from the few times I’ve not been sure what to write about, my posting habits are iffy at best. When I started this blog, I committed to a Tuesday/Thursday posting schedule, and I’ve stuck with that so far — provided you count the two or three filler posts I’ve done. The twice-a-week thing was a conceit to get writing more — not just on here but in general. And actually, a lot of bloggers go about five steps further than I did, making a commitment to post at least every day. A lot of those folks go above and beyond even that.

Which sounds a little like witchcraft to me. I have a friend who generally updates his blog at least twice a day — which seems like it must be related to the dark arts. Really, I have nothing but respect — and awe — for these people. How do you come up with something to write about every day, and when you do, where do you find the time to write and proof that stuff? It’s a time machine, isn’t it?

Can I get in on that? Is it like a timeshare kind of thing?

Anyway, the conceit did work. I’ve been writing more in the last half-to-three-quarters of a year than I’ve written since high school, I think. It does encourage some less admirable habits, though, as I’ve noticed.

I generally procrastinate until the last couple hours of the day and post literally a minute or two from midnight, so I can still say I posted on the day I was supposed to. It adheres to the letter of the law, but not the spirit so much. Not to mention I don’t think many people are blog-reading at midnight…

Sometimes — like today — I just don’t have that much on my mind. Yeah, empty-headed might be an appropriate label for me occasionally. At times, I may be guilty of sort of pulling a topic out of a hat. It’s always something that’s on my mind, I guess, but not necessarily something I feel ready to talk about yet. So, at times, I feel like I rush things that deserve more time. Kind of like every college paper I’ve ever written.

The biggest issue I have with my current arrangement — and this is 100% on me for being awful at time-management — is that it tends to encourage a procrastinator like me to focus on the shorter, easier-to-write posts and leave the big things on the back burner. I’ve got a lot of those kinds of things I’d like to write, but they’re haaaaard, so that makes them doubly tempting to put off…

Not that I’m asking for some sympathy here. Just, well — writing about what’s on my mind. And maybe by putting this down in writing, encouraging myself to fix the issues I’ve brought up. The fixes are certainly in my hands and not anyone else’s.

Note to self: DO BETTER. You’re on the internet, for Pete’s sake! How many people get the chance to be on the internet!

And to you super-productive bloggers out there, how do you do it?!


3 thoughts on “A Post About Nothing

  1. I feel your pain. I’ve been kept up late many nights trying to finish posts, and I don’t even stick to a regular schedule. Props to you for sticking to it for so long!

    • I think it’s you who deserves the props! You post more than I do — without needing a schedule to keep you on top of things. I’m jealous.

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