Sci-fi Extravaganza!

Is this the real life? Or is this just sci-fi?

Seriously, WHAT IS HAPPENING. Has anyone else noticed all the cool sci-fi stuff is coming out, like… right now? Did I miss the memo about sci-fi becoming super trendy and profitable?

First, I saw an ad for this little darling on the old T-and-V:

If you want the CliffsNotes: Crazyman Tom Cruise. God. In a sci-fi thing.

Yep, sold, moving on.

Here we have Vidyagame: The Movie. Directed by that guy who did Vidyagame: The Movie. Okay, here’s my money.

(I’ll admit the whole post-apoc craze is starting to be overdone. There’s even a Will Smith one too. It’s like post-apoc is the new zombies — or… would zombies be a subset of post-apoc? I dunno. Anyway, they’re both getting old. I blame you, Bethesda, for bringing the apocalypse to the Xbox generation.)

Until I’m totally fed up with the setting, though, I will watch the pants off these flicks.

Also… this:

… … …

I don’t even know what to say…

Not only is it sci-fi, but it’s sci-fi from the decade with the greatest sci-fi? And with a sense of humor?

But what about the gameplay? Admittedly, I haven’t played Far Cry 3 yet. Still waiting for it to pop up on GoG so I don’t have to deal with Steam, but the previous game was one of my favorite shooters ever and, as I understand it, 3 improves on all that in every conceivable way (except in terms of the tone of the game, I guess). I’ve always secretly hoped the Far Cry series would turn out to be the Final Fantasy of the shooter world — a series where all the games share gameplay elements and certain sensibilities but otherwise have nothing in common — and so far we’ve got that. To top it off, the latest one is an ’80s-inspired sci-fi Far Cry?

Yes please. I’ll take ten copies.

(As soon as it’s available on GoG.)

And that’s our sci-fi extravaganza for this year! Stay tuned for the next one, where I fawn over but simultaneously complain about the new super-cool, painfully overdone sci-fi trope. My money’s on ’80s retro aesthetics.


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