SparkNotes is For Girls

Does anyone else frequent SparkNotes for totally legit reasons and not because you didn’t read that one book for class? If you’re male, do you feel strangely out of place when you’re there? Has anyone else noticed that all the ads are geared toward high school-age girls? They seem to be, anyway. I am, admittedly, not an expert on this demographic, but…

“How to get Prom Eyes on the cheap.” Hey — I would have settled for a prom date.

“What does YOUR bra say about you?” I’m not sure; I hope it respects me enough not to talk behind my back.

“Are you addicted to boys?” Hold on. What are you… trying to say, SparkNotes? I-I’m not comfortable with this line of questioning!

So, what is this? Aren’t we still on the internet? What’s going on here! All this stuff is clearly designed for girls. It doesn’t even try to hide it! How dare this website not cater to me as a straight white male like the other 99% of the internet!

It is kind of funny that it’s SparkNotes specifically where I’ve first noticed a real shift in the target audience for ads on the internet. I’ve come up with two potential explanations. 1. SparkNotes is the meeting place — the neutral zone, if you will — between warring male and female hemispheres of the internet, and the only place where those hemispheres overlap. 2. High school girls happen to study a lot.

Hm. I wonder.


One thought on “SparkNotes is For Girls

  1. I just have to openly apologize for this post. It seemed like a funny concept when I thought of it, but then I ended up writing the post with a splitting headache and wanting nothing more than to go straight to bed.

    In retrospect, it worked better in my head…

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