Hey! We’ve arrived! It’s the big five-two!

If what I learned in school is correct, fifty-two posts at two posts per week is twenty-six weeks of blogging. And twenty-six weeks is six whole mo–

Wait, no it’s not. My calculator says it’s six and a half months. But it’s six calender months, I think. I didn’t really check beforehand. I just assumed if there are 52 weeks in a year, there’d be 104 posts. So 52 would be half of a year and that’s…

Alright — enough numbers. I’m celebrating digitaleidoscope‘s halfversary whether the math works out or not! (If you’re wondering, my only other options were “semiversary” and “bianniversary,” neither of which has much of a ring to it.)

Six months later, huh? Look at all that has changed! The main page has been updated 52 times! And I… um… changed the theme a few times, too! We’ve come so far!

After this forever that has passed, what’s on my mind? What question hasn’t been answered? What truth is left unrevealed? Well, I’m still wondering one thing. You’d think I, of all people, would know this, but here goes…

How the heck do you pronounce “digitaleidoscope?” No, really. I’m asking you. Please help.

It’s funny — today you can create something and share it with the world, people from dozens of countries can read (and enjoy?) it, it can be a part of your life for six (point five) months… And yet you still don’t know how to say the name of it. It didn’t even occur to me when the name came to me. I never once spoke it out loud before staking claim to it. So, really, let’s think about this one…

“digital-eidoscope” might be the first inclination when you see it, but that obviously doesn’t work. I think my first thought was to emphasize the “taleidoscope,” since that “word” only really makes sense if you leave it whole. “Digital” gets shorted to “digi” all the time. “digi-taleidoscope.” You can’t help stressing the “tal” a little, but that makes it sound funny and clunky, like you’re stumbling over the syllables. What if you elongate the second “I” sound? And hit the T real hard — “digee-Taleidoscope.” No, that’s not much better, but maybe we can work from there.

The best I can come up with is stressing the “DIGEE,” with a slight pause before the “taleidoscope.” Oh, who am I kidding? That’s still an aural trainwreck.

Honestly, it’s becoming part of the charm of the name to me that it works best if you don’t say it. It’s a name that looks neat but sounds goofy. One of those names that just should be seen and not heard. I like that, actually. A lot. And only on the internet would something like that work…

On the seriouser side, thanks to everyone who’s taken the time to read the word-sandwiches I’ve posted here the last six months. If you’ve enjoyed those words, then you might just like the other words I have planned!

Stay tuned this summer for more weirdness! More technononsense! More made-up words! More explosions! More. Blog. Posts.

More theme changes, too, probably.


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