A Very Fallouty Easter


Hey folks! How was your Easter? I hope you all took the opportunity to let out your artsy and crafty sides. Even us “adults” get to exercise our creative side between finding creative places to hide the plastic, candy-filled eggs and coloring the white, egg-filled eggs. Easter + nieces and nephews — I don’t need any more excuse to get my art on. Of course, my art, even when flipped to the on position, is sadly lacking.

This year, I arrived a bit late to the party and missed the egg hunt (ARGH), but at least I got the chance to take part in the annual coloring eggtravaganza (yeah, I went there) and for some reason I ended up with this set. That’s classic Fallout, for the record; not this newfangled Fallout you kids are into these days. (Also, get off my lawn!) Not my greatest egg art display, but I was happy with it.

So I know it’s a bit late to ask, but what did all y’all do for Easter? More importantly, how did your egg art turn out?

PS: Oh, and OH MY GOSH! I just realize you’re supposed to use that paper strip thing on Hershey Kisses to unwrap them. Like… you just pull it and it slices the foil right down the middle! Did everyone else know this already? It’s magic! All these years, I just thought it was this annoying secondary component to the packaging. You know, with the name printed on it so you couldn’t possibly forget what the delicious candy you were eating was called. And that you had to make sure you balled up with the foil wrapper so it didn’t blow onto the floor when someone walked by. You learn something new every day.


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