Jia Jiang, You Beautiful Man

I had a bad day today.

Nothing earth-shattering. No tragedy or illness, and I’m thankful for that. I’m in a weird position, though, knowing that other people out there –people I know personally and respect, even — are having real, concrete, profound troubles right now, and it’s hard not to feel like a drama queen for complaining about a bad day.

A friend suggested rejection therapy as a way of combating some of the problems contributing to my Chronic Bad Day Syndrome. (Is it just me or does the term “rejection therapy” sound really dire? Can we come up with something that’s got a more pleasant ring to it?) I’m not convinced I could ever pull off most of the things Mr. Jiang has pulled off in his adventure, but watching his videos just fills me with delightful feels. I wonder if we all had a little more Jia Jiang in us… how much more honest could we be with one another? And how much happier with ourselves? I wonder.

Even if the videos don’t inspire you to run out immediately and give the experiment a try, I think you’ll be happy you watched them. I guarantee you’ll get something out of them — even if it’s just a smile.

For your enjoyment, here’s one of the most recent:


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