Welcome to the Future

Hey, futurites! Would you look at that? We made it to 2013!

You can tell 2013 is the future just by looking at the number. Doesn’t it look weird? Feels weird to say, too. And I don’t just mean the kind of weird where you’re not used to it being the next year, so you keep saying and writing the previous one by mistake.

Is it just me?

2013. It looks sci-fi… like the sort of year you’d set your science fiction story if you wanted it to take place in the future but not the future future. You know? Except now we’re there, so the future is now, I guess.

Anyway — on the topic of the new year, I made some resolutions. I did the same thing last year and kind of failed miserably, but this year I have a blog to post them on, which makes them, like… more official. I’m sure the internet will keep me honest this time.

So here are my resolutions for 2013:

1. Write every day. I really should be in this habit already. I like to call myself a writer, but I don’t take it as seriously as I should. The more I write, the better I get and the more I want to write, so it’s about time I held to this one. Between writing material for this blog and working on a big project I’m involved with, I’m already writing more than half the days of the week, so I’m well on my way. I just need to push that extra mile and stop being Captain I’ll-Do-It-Tomorrow.

2. Release a Doom WAD. I’ve got three WADs in the works and I am going to release one of them this year. If I don’t, you have permission to drop in and say mean things to me.

3. Spend more time on my college campus. This might be the biggest resolution for me. I commute to college, and I’m not involved with any clubs or things like that at the moment, so I hardly spend any time there. That’s going to change. There are a lot of people I’ve met on campus who I’d like to get to know better and even more I’m sure I’d love to meet. It’s about time I started putting myself out there and get more involved.

There you have it: my New Years resolutions. And I put them up on the internet, so it’s serious business.


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