It’s Christmas and I Can’t Think of a Better Title


It’s Christmas! So, Merry Christmas or Happy Whatever Else You Celebrate.

How are you spending today? I’m probably going to be  spending the day pigging out. Aside from family gatherings (which are lovely) and gift-giving (which is fun, if stressful), the best part of Christmas is undoubtedly the food. In my family, Christmas probably beats out Thanksgiving, even, and for basically only one reason: the cheese ball. You’ve got all the tasty staples of Thanksgiving, plus that glorious, spherical wonder that only shows its face at Christmas time.

I honestly don’t know the recipe. My entering the kitchen is generally frowned upon — something about a complete ineptitude around food, probably. All I do know is that it’s mostly cream cheese, green pepper, and onion, coated in… I’m going to say walnuts? There are a couple of secret ingredients that I’m not privy to. Maybe that’s a blessing in disguise; otherwise I’d be making (or attempting to make) myself a cheese ball every weekend.

There’s got to be one legendarily delicious food item in every family. It’s usually a once-a-year affair, just to make you squirm all year long. For us, it’s the cheese ball. Actually, my grandma’s stuffing is equally amazing, so I guess we have two. I’ll have to tell you about that, too, sometime.

Anywho, I can’t think of much else to say. The cheese ball consumes my thoughts. It calls to me. If you’ll excuse me, I’m off to eat some more of this thing and, while I’m at it, watch A Christmas Story a few more times.

There is no such thing as too much cheese ball or Christmas Story. It’s been, like, proven by scientists and stuff.


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