Images of Summer


Where I live, we’ve just had our second good snowfall. It’s getting pretty darn cold, too. It may not technically be winter yet, but it’s good enough for me.

I’m a big fan of winter, for the record. It’s my second favorite season, right after autumn. But for everyone who gets down in the dumps around this time of year, with all its grey, cloudy, slushy dreariness, I thought I’d try to brighten things up, even if it’s just for a minute of your day.

So here are some way tacky close-ups of flowers that I took two summers ago. I figure it might be nice to see something vibrant and alive as we all (in the northern hemisphere, at least) plunge into the gloomy winter months.






Feeling any cheerier? If not, find some time to go out and play in the snow (if you’ve got some). Really; I’ll wait.

I think that’s the real reason we get to hate winter the older we get. We stop taking the time to enjoy it, to be kids again. So, be a kid again. Start a snowball fight. Build a snow fort. I dare you.

If that still doesn’t work, well… just remember you’ve got all kinds of colorful wonderment to look forward to next year. Summer always comes around again.

Keep your chin up out there.


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