Poof, You’re a Sandwich!

You can hardly get further from the topic of technology than talking about sandwiches, but hey — even technophiles have to eat. And we tend to like it as simple as we can get it.

What is it about sandwiches, anyway? Is it that they’re so easy to make, that even the most inept preparer-of-food can cobble a passable one together? Or the comfort food angle, that a sandwich is the ultimate lounge-around-and-watch-TV food, or something nostalgic from childhood? Is it that you’re in total control, that you choose what goes in there and what doesn’t, and that there’s no work of art quite like yours?

Everything is more satisfying when you do it yourself, after all. “Look at what I have created! Look at the craftsmanship! Look at all the delightful ingredients I have included: everything I love and nothing I don’t!” You are the master of your domain… and it’s not often that your domain is also delicious.

To answer my own, silly questions, it’s all of the above. Probably. I don’t know. Who cares? Sandwiches are a sandwiches, and they’re great. Why put the time into wondering why they’re great when you could be spending that time making yourself one?

So what’s your sandwich of choice? That one up there is mine. (If you were wondering: yes, it was amazing.)


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