An Unexpected Party

I wrote my first post all about how nobody would ever see it, and it wasn’t supposed to be a joke. I honestly expected this blog to fly 100% under the radar for the first weeks, months, maybe even the first year or so. I expected it to fly under the radar until I started actively seeking readers, really. So here I was fumbling around, trying to make sense of this whole blogging affair — nail down a theme, adjust my personal settings, figure out how the heck to even navigate the dashboard — all the while, fully expecting to have weeks and weeks to get everything ironed out.

I’m not sure how any of you found me here in my little hiding place, but four wonderful folks have decided to follow me, and after only three posts. That’s four more than I had expected, so I’m pretty blown away. I’ve got to take a second to offer a thank you to everyone who has taken even a passing interest in my blog, but also offer an apology for the state of it. We’re still painting the walls and laying down carpet.

If you’re wondering what this blog is all about, it’ll be a bit eclectic and scatterbrained, not unlike its author. The point, really, is to wax poetic about all the things that I love and about the world I grew up in. I seriously lucked out to be around for the early days of home consoles, the explosion of the personal computer, and the birth of the internet as we know it. I was born into the Digital Age, so that’s the lens I see the world through.

And let me tell you: it all looks beautiful from here.

I intend to post every Tuesday and Thursday, but I may drop the ball on occasion, so try not to hold it against me. In the meantime, it seems like every one of you has an amazing blog of your own, so I’ve got a lot of reading to do!


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